Spa Day: How to Keep Your Luxury Goods Ultra-Luxe

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Spa Day: How to Keep Your Luxury Goods Ultra-Luxe


Whether it’s a facial, a manicure, or a fancy car detail, it’s important to infuse a little extra love into the things that we’ve invested in and in many cases, truly can’t replace.

At FASHIONPHILE, we’re firm believers in the idea that caring for luxury items is a way of renewing their beauty and our appreciation for the role they play in our lives. Of course, doing so will also make them last much longer and retain a higher value as time goes on — which in our opinion, is just a smart way to handle your investments!

As bag-obsessed citizens ourselves, we’ve compiled our expert tips for caring for your bag in the very best ways you can.

Disclaimer: Try these tips at your own risk. As with pretty much everything in life, if you overdo it, you may not like the outcome. Moderation is key.


The best way to store handbags

You’ll want to stuff your bags to ensure they keep their shape — just be sure not to overstuff them for the risk of overstretching the material (it happens!) In terms of what to stuff them with… as long as what you are using is clean and free of dyes and inks, you should be good to go. Undyed, recycled paper materials or even white sheets or blankets will do. For canvas bags, store them flat and unstuffed.


Restoring your bag’s shape

Leather bags are malleable, which is part of why they can lose their shape. For the same reason, there’s hope for restoring them. Here’s what our staff suggests: stuff the bag to its original shape (just not with plastic!). Once you have it structured, heat it up with a hairdryer (be careful not to burn it!), leave it in the shape, and let it cool. Ta-da!


Tricks for spot cleaning leather

Three words: Unscented. Baby. Wipes. They’re gentle on the skin without any potent chemicals, yet great for removing surface dirt and residue on handbags without causing damage or staining.


Getting rid of bad interior odors

So you spilled something inside of your bag. We don’t even want to admit how often that happens. For that reason alone, we have a few pro tips for fixing it.

Depending on the severity of the smell, an Ozonator can become your best friend. We’ve heard that dry coffee grounds or a fabric softener sheet also work. Specifically, a cup of dry coffee grounds tied off in a sock, left in the bag for a week can do wonders. (Just don’t spill that, too!!)


Condition your bag

Remember, leather is skin. A little moisturizer can do wonders. We recommend FASHIONPHILE’s Total Leather Care (TLC) of course 😉


Care for Suede

We recommend storing them in a dust bag and using suede brushes to gently remove surface oils and dirt.


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