3 Advantages of FASHIONPHILE’s Refresh Program

3 Advantages of FASHIONPHILE’s Refresh Program

Having a collection of essentials doesn’t stop at clothes. Your handbags, arguably, have more staying power than any other category.

However, what many may consider “essentials” is different from person to person and is something that tends to evolve with the times. FASHIONPHILE Refresh makes it easy to keep a solid ultra-luxury collection of handbag essentials in circulation no matter the season. How so? You can shop for accessories from FASHIONPHILE, then sell them back! When you do so, you can earn up to 75% or more on your purchase price to spend on something new.

Better yet, you have an entire year after purchase to be eligible for Refresh, so you have time to think about it and enjoy your pieces for the time being. FASHIONPHILE Refresh has many advantages, but it is especially great for anyone looking to acquire a nice rotation of handbags that fulfills their essential needs and keeps their closet guessing. 

Advantage 1: Shop, then sell it back!

The main advantage of FASHIONPHILE Refresh is the capability to shop handbags with the option to sell them back to us. This is a great advantage because you never have to feel as if you need to commit to your purchases forever. Life happens; we get it. This is great if you are eyeing trendy pieces but are not sure if you will want them for the long term. It’s also great to be able to shop investment bags at FASHIONPHILE while knowing that selling them back to us will give you a percentage back of the original purchase price.

Advantage 2: Get up to 75% or More with Refresh

Refresh returns you a percentage of the purchase price when you sell it back to us. What does that mean? Depending on the time frame in which you sell back your item(s), you can get up to 75%+ of your purchase price. Bonus! Get 10% more to your earnings when you choose to get paid back via FASHIONPHILE store credit or Neiman Marcus gift card. Another advantage to Refresh is time. 

*certain brand exclusions apply, shoes and sunglasses are not eligible, and all Refresh items must pass inspection upon return to be eligible.

Advantage 3: Time Is Money

You have up to a year to sell your item back to us with FASHIONPHILE Refresh. This gives you a chance to enjoy your purchase(s) in real everyday situations. It also gives you time to decide whether this is a forever or temporary commitment. It even takes away the guilt of impulse buying or any regret of purchasing something you may realize, down the road, may not be right for you. Honestly, if you’re not happy, return it! But, all in all, time is money, and FASHIONPHILE Refresh is at your disposal.

There are so many advantages to Refresh. You can easily keep a solid ultra-luxury collection of basics in circulation no matter the season. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of shopping whatever you’re eyeing, knowing you can sell it back! Refresh gives you up to 75%+ of your purchase price to spend on something new! With up to a year to sell back your items, you have the luxury of time to think about if your purchase is temporary or forever.

FASHIONPHILE Refresh is a great sustainable way to keep your closet guessing. Ready to hit Refresh on your bag collection? This post shares curated picks that add fresh “life” to your closets.
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