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Spring Cleaning: Hit Refresh On Your Bag Collection

Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer Luxury Connoisseur

Spring is just a few days away!


The sense of renewal is already palpable. Naturally, the first tinges of the spring cleaning but are already in the air. One of the first stops: the closet.

As you begin to switch out your winter wardrobe in favor of lighter linens, floral prints, and flowy things. It’s time to consider which bags will actually go with them.

Let’s take a look at what can add some fresh “life” to our closets— and what we could easily let go of to help fund our new additions.


Swap dark and structured for plush pastels

I’m a big fan of letting the bag be the centerpiece of an outfit — especially when you have a seasonal excuse to plunge for dreamier hues.

The Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Padded Cassette bag is everything I’m hoping for this Spring. These yellow hues are super chic. So are these ultra-mini quilted chain belt bags from Chanel. And if you’re one of those unabashed lovers of bucket bags, the Prada Panier bucket bag is for you.

Swap saddle bags for clutch minis

They’re playful, pretty, and they don’t take themselves too seriously — perfect with any spring dress or with your new favorite pair of espadrilles. In love with Chanel’s Mini Square Flap, the Swift Mini Lindy from Hermes, and the equally demure and spring-timey Gucci Mini crossbody in soft pastels.


Swap classic prints for intriguing shapes & texture

It’s an easy trap to fall into — you love classic bags so much that you just…keep buying them. But if you find yourself owning exclusively LV monogram pieces, it might be time to assess which ones are really the keepers, and which ones could go in favor of sprucing up your collection for the season.

If we’re opting for something playful and not so serious, no one does this better than Bottega Veneta: consider their BV Twist or a maxi tote with a bit of unexpected texture, like the brand’s gorgeous Maxi Intrecciato totes.


Ready to make a swap?

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