2022 In Review: The Best Investment Handbags to Buy

2022's Most Popular Bags to Buy FASHIONPHILE

At FASHIONPHILE, we gathered data from 2022 and rounded up the best bags to invest in.

The truth of the matter is luxury handbags make great investments. Take, for instance, ultra-luxury classics like Chanel and Hermes that have proven year after year to hold their value, even through a recession. Or trendy Y2K “It” bags that have reemerged with resale value stronger now than ever before. Not to mention, those unique and notable designer collaborations we’ve seen an uptick in this year, stirring the ultra-luxury world with plenty of excitement, newness, and yes – demand. With more exclusivity around bags nowadays, the more value they gain. Here’s how the ultra-luxury classics did for 2022.

The Ultra-Luxury Classic Winners

With price increases, purchase limitations per customer, and strict requirements from SAs to get that dream accessory directly from VIP-only stores, classic ultra-luxury bags are becoming more sought-after for their exclusivity. What does that mean? High spenders and fashion detectives are turning to pre-loved to uncover hidden gems, and our data shows two premier luxury brands are the investment winners.

Chanel Double Flap

This year Chanel purchases at FASHIONPHILE have grown 70% compared to last year, with the classic Double Flap ranking as the most popular style choice, with a 74% increase in sales. Watch our YouTube video to learn more about the Chanel Double Flap before you buy.

Hermes Kelly

On the other hand, Hermes purchases increased 113% at FASHIONPHILE compared to last year, with the Kelly bag ranking most popular! Sales for Hermes Kelly bags increased by 83%.

It’s safe to say that the classic brands with ongoing demand are here to stay. With resale, we also saw more purchases for Y2K bags now than ever.

Watch our YouTube Short on the top handbag investments for 2022:

The Y2K Winners

With circularity in resale, we’ve seen trendy early aughts handbags resurface in demand. This uptick proves that circularity brings many benefits for those looking to uncover pieces no longer made. Thanks to the industry, fashion has a way of repeating itself, so harder-to-find items do, in fact, carry substantial value long term.

Christian Dior Saddle Bag

Sales at FASHIONPHILE for the Christian Dior Saddle Bag increased by 97%.

Fendi Baguette

Sales for the Fendi Baguette at FASHIONPHILE increased by 101%

Prada Tessuto Nylon Shoulder Bag

Sales for the Prada Tessuto Nylon Shoulder Bags (inspiring the beloved Re-Editions) increased by 110%. Prada and Fendi make up some of the top brands with the most purchases for Gen Z and Millennial shoppers at FASHIONPHILE.

Aside from handbag winners, including the classic big names and trendy Y2K pieces, this year, we also saw handbag collabs jump to the forefront.

Watch our YouTube Short on the most popular Y2K bags:

The Handbag Collab Winners

Is 2022 the year of the collab? The collaboration wave is still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It just might be the way for brands to stay ahead of the curve as they fulfill the hunger for more exclusive items. This year some of the most-searched and most-purchased bags at FASHIONPHILE included those from unique collaborations. 

Gucci x Balenciaga

This year searches for collaborative pieces at FASHIONPHILE have grown 193%, with the Gucci x Balenciaga “Hacker Project” that dropped last year ranking the highest.

Fendi x Versace

Other notable collaborations, such as the Fendi x Versace partnership, are selling fast. Shoppers are turning to FASHIONPHILE to find better deals or coveted sold-out items. These two unique collections are serious winners for 2022.

With all these handbag winners in mind, shopping for pre-owned handbags opens a world of benefits because you can find all sorts of pieces. Everything from those sought-after and timeless classics to those trendy pieces and collaborations you can no longer find in stores. 

Luxury handbags make the best investment regardless of what you invest in this year and next. This year’s winners include classics that have proven to withstand the test of time, as well as trendy pieces from the early aughts and collaborations you can’t get any other way other than pre-loved. 

At FASHIONPHILE, we believe there is no better time than now to start building your ultra-luxury handbag collection. Shop all bags at FASHIONPHILE today.
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