A Quick Guide to Reading Hermes Date Stamps

A Quick Guide to Reading Hermes Date Stamps FASHIONPHILE

When you hear Hermes “stamps,” you may recall our post on Hermes foil stamp symbols that help identify the materials present.


But another important Hermes stamp to look for is the date stamp, also known as the blind stamp, which plays a big part in the authentication and brand verification process. To learn more about how to read Hermes date stamps, it’s a good idea to understand the purpose of date stamps. Once you understand why date stamps are used, familiarizing yourself with the various stamp symbols can help you better verify your Hermes bag. Lastly, to accurately read Hermes date stamps, you’ll also need to know how to locate them – and this post will help you do just that! Let’s start with a brief overview of the purpose of Hermes date stamps and why they’re important.

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Why does Hermes use date stamps?

It’s simple. Hermes uses date stamps to track the age and maker associated with a particular bag. They are unique stamps that notate the year of manufacture and mark the craftsman (and/or craftsmen) who crafted the bag. Date codes can further reveal other important information, such as color names, specific leather types, etc.

While knowing the purpose of date stamps, let’s understand what they actually are and how you can make sense of them. Because it really is a language in and of itself.

Decoding Hermes Date Stamp Symbols

When you want to learn to read Hermes date stamps, you have to decode the stamp symbols. A helpful resource below lists the years from 1945 to 2023 and their corresponding symbols. Inside Hermes bags manufactured from 1945 to 1970, you will find a series of letters with no accompanying geometrical shape. For those manufactured from 1971 to 1996, you will find a series of letters with an accompanying circle. 

The Hermes bags manufactured from 1997 to 2014 will contain a series of letters and a square symbol. The Hermes bags made from 2015 up to now only contain a series of letters. If you ever bring your Hermes bag in for repairs at an Hermes boutique, Hermes can identify the craftsman who crafted the bag by referencing the date stamp. Depending on the age of the bag, repairs are sent to the original craftsman who worked on the gorgeous Hermes creation.

Hermes Date Stamp

When you know how to decode the symbols, the final step is to learn how to locate the stamps on Hermes bags, a fun scavenger hunt if you will!

How to Locate Hermes Date Stamps

Unfortunately, there’s not a single location, so locating Hermes date stamps can be a little tricky. Depending on the age and the style, they can be located in various places, meaning they require some time to find. But if you know the most common spots to look, chances are you will come across them faster. It’s no wonder they’re called “blind stamps,” and for good reason.

product image of hermes blind stamp on underside of strap FASHIONPHILE
Hermes So Kelly 26

Placement: on the strap

product image of hermes blind stamp on Evelyne TPM FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Evelyne TPM

Placement: inside the closure strap

product image of hermes blind stamp on birkin 30 FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Birkin 30

Placement: interior, side

product image of hermes blind stamp on mini kelly FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Mini Kelly

Placement: interior, next to pocket

product image of hermes ostrich mini lindy blind stamp FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Mini Lindy

Placement: interior, inside pocket

product image of hermes blind stamp on victoria II FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Victoria II

Placement: underneath a plaque or leather tab

And there you have it! That’s an overview of how to read Hermes date stamps. As with anything pertaining to Hermes, identifying the date stamps is an important part of the authentication process. Understanding the purpose of date stamps, knowing how to decode the symbols, and being able to locate them are just a few steps that can help you verify the integrity of your Hermes bag.

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