Men’s Edit: Luxury Watches

There’s nothing like a high-end watch to bring any outfit, whether it be for work or a dinner out, to the next level of style, sophistication, and polish.


Though many smartphones have replaced the classic function of the time-keeping piece, luxury watches are the smart and suave choice for the sartorially-minded guy. FASHIONPHILE has some amazing picks curated from storied watch brands, which have devoted themselves to the industry-best in craftsmanship and quality. To either help you buy (and invest in) your first luxury watch, or for the enthusiast looking to add a rare, coveted piece to an already robust collection, we’ve pulled together some of the classic styles from treasured brands to ensure a flawless choice for your next purchase.

So let’s dive in!


It’s hard to get more quintessential than a Swiss-born Rolex, let’s be honest. The canonical standard of men’s watches in many respects, The Oyster varieties of Rolex have a robust, sturdy waterproof case (hence the name) providing protection and coming in styles such as the Submariner, Yacht-master, Daytona, and more. The Cellini, named for Italian renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini, boasts classic and dignified design, celebrating the veritable tradition of timepiece making. Undeniably, Rolex watches put the “lux” in luxury, crafted with gorgeous materials like stainless steel, 18 karat yellow-gold, champagne dials with diamond hour markers, gold fluted bezels, sapphire crystal, and more. The watches also feature automatic movement, to make sure you are always right on time (in the best of styles).


Founded in 1860s Florence, this Italian bellwether has produced high-end yet functional timepieces that have long graced the wrists of style movers and shakers. Featuring automatic Swiss movement, Panerai watches are gorgeous investment pieces, melding seamlessly fashionability and durability and the best of Italian sophistication with Swiss know-how. Known for iconic styles such as the Luminor and the Radiomir, a Panerai watch is guaranteed to bring any look a notch above the rest. Looking for a style boost? Try out an alligator watch strap for an extra sumptuous finish.

Patek Phillipe

The sublime elegance of Patek Phillipe is immediately apparent. These Swiss masterpieces are the ultimate choice for the men’s watch connoisseur: understated refinement meets the best in horological technology. The pure-lined and exemplary Calvatara style is a particular favorite, as also the harmonious and gentlemanly Golden Ellipse, a watch style inspired by the Greek mathematical concept of the “golden section.”


What’s there to say about a Cartier watch? How about everything! Timeless and masterful, Cartier debuted its first men’s watch in 1903, at the time specifically created with a pilot’s needs in mind. Since then, Cartier watches have evolved into manifold styles and have set the style standards for men time and time again. Arguably the most iconic watch style would be the Tank, featuring a rectangular face, modern creative design, and bold Roman numerals. Other styles include the Santos de Cartier, Roadster, Drive de Cartier, and more. These gorgeous timepieces are the perfect sophisticated finish to any ensemble.

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