Lovely Pairings for Valentine’s Day

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Lovely Pairings

Mixin’ it up can be fun. But when you’ve found the perfect match, do you ever go back? 

With endless options in front of us, sometimes we all could use a little direction when it comes to swiping on quality matches.… and by swiping, I mean your credit card. What goes well with what? For any occasion, taking the time to find those perfect pairings, and coordinating them with your already existing ultra-luxury collection is an act of love. Because everyone can appreciate a little effort in this day and age.  

For the sake of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some lovely pairings that will surely turn heads (and make great gifts, as well). We promise you’ll never regret swiping ‘yes’ on these perfect matches!  

A Belt + A Bag 

Back in the day, our mothers may have encouraged us to match our accessories. Color coordinating your shoes and your bag could be viewed as old-school etiquette or a total fashion faux pas. We get that harmonizing your accessories with your shoes may not really be top of mind these days. But matching your belt and your bag? Yes! The last time I checked, monochromatic looks are still a thing. (We don’t have to get that far though). Nevertheless, belts and bags are in fact a dynamic duo, and matching those makes a really cute pairing. Especially for date night, Galentine’s, or a fun rendezvous.

The Gucci Double G belts are timeless, and if you’re a fan of those you will also love the H belt from Hermes, and the Vlogo Reversible belt from Valentino. True stunners. Looking for a subtle monogram moment? Consider the LV Initials Reversible belt. 

design graphic with designer handbag and belt pairings available to shop at FASHIONPHILE for Valentines Day
A style tip: Coordinate the colors featured on your bag of choice with the color of the leather trim on the belt, and keep hardware color the same for a more polished look.

A Designer Hat + Statement Earrings

Time to get extra glam. And we don’t mean makeup tutorials. When that Sunday Riley serum starts kicking in and you’re looking fresh-faced ‘au natural’ you might as well give yourself every reason to draw attention to your flawless, dewy skin. Because darling, you are the main character of your story after all. How about we try an underrated but very effective combo? That is, a hat paired with statement earrings. 

From bucket hats and beanies to berets, you can’t go wrong with accessories that exude comfort. Dress it up or down, throw it on for errands or a coffee date. Take it up a notch with some earrings too, like a pair of hoops from Tiffany or Louis Vuitton. Or diamond studs from Roberto Coin, or the tried and true logo drop earrings from Chanel. 

design graphic of hat and earring pairings, perfect gifts for her for Valentines Day available to shop at FASHIONPHILE
A Luxury Watch + Bracelet(s)

Who is ready for an arm party? Stack it up! In these scenarios we typically see it done with a bunch of bracelets piled together on the wrist. But why pair a bunch of bracelets, when you can mix it up even more? By mixing it up, we mean adding a luxury designer watch in the mix.

design graphic of designer watches and bracelet pairings perfect for Valentine's day available to shop at FASHIONPHILE

At FASHIONPHILE we have an ever-growing and ever-changing collection of both fashion and luxury watches. From Rolex to Cartier, these impressive timepieces exude prestige and greatness. For that very reason and more, watches are the MVP in any arm party.

A Top Handle Bag + A Twilly 

When in doubt, grab a twilly. Instantly elevate your favorite handbag with a colorful twilly, giving your investment every opportunity to shine. It’s also a great way to customize your bag

Hermes Twillys were first introduced in the early 20th century. The name Twilly is derived from the word “Twill” which is a traditional weaving technique. Since its inception as a neck scarf, countless prints have been made. Twillys are 100% silk, come in various lengths and sizes, and today they are designed to be a stylish multipurpose accessory.

The function of the Twilly is to deliver a pop of luxury and color. They also do a great job of protecting your bag handles from discoloration, natural oils, sweat, and/ or everyday debris. It obviously is the perfect match for any bag, and the simplest hack to transform your handbag


Need more inspiration? Watch these lovely pairings in action!
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