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How to Make the Most Money Selling Resale

Jessica Dee
Contributing Writer.
Bag-Obsessed on a budget.

How to Make the Most Money Selling Resale”

It’s never been cooler to shop resale, and smart FASHIONPHILEs are capitalizing on that cool-factor. Want to cash in on the craze, too? These are the brands that recommerce retailers–like us!–pay top dollar for.


1. Gucci. In the resale realm, Alessandro Michele is king and Gucci reigns supreme. This is the most-searched and most-sold brand on the majority of resale sites, growing about 60% in this year alone. Newer Gucci items are usually sold for close to the original retail price–for example, this GG Supreme Monogram Blooms Print Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag is selling on FASHIONPHILE for $2,095 and retails for $2,450–so sellers get a nice return on investment.

2. Hermes. An Hermes is always in style, and never has the been more true than today. When it comes to second-hand shopping, Hermes is the fastest-growing brand in the millennial age bracket. If you happen to have an heirloom Hermes Birkin lying around…the potential paycheck might just be tempting enough to sell it.

3. Celine. Celine is consistently within the top five brands in recommerce, so now’s the time to offload those Luggage bags you bought in every size.

4. Chanel. Chanel only gets better with age, so whether you have a vintage item or a brand-new impulse buy that you’re ready to get rid of, you’ll make out like a bandit when you decide to sell.

5. Louis Vuitton. Traditionally, Louis Vuitton has claimed the top spot for second-hand sales growth and search volume–and even though Gucci stole that title this year, Louis Vuitton pieces are still in very high demand. Some things never change!

6. Vintage logos. Monograms are having a major moment so break out the vintage Fendi or MCM from the back of your closet and trade it in for a newer model!


This week alone, we’ve paid 1,123 people $1,184,933.40 for the sale of 2,005 items – so yeah, there’s some serious money to be made. Here’s how to get started.



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