Earth-friendly Fashion: The Sustainable Solution

Sustainability: without question, is one of the hottest topics out there — and for good reason.


Fast fashion is a huge culprit in the climate crisis we face today, and everyone is looking for ways to do their part in creating a better path forward. Buying pre-owned is the ultimate way to support the circular economy, and thus the earth. But want to double down? In the world of ultra-luxury, it’s both exciting and satisfying to see how our favorite brands are doing their part. Here are a few of our favorite “green” collections.

Chloe a la Gabriela Hearst

From day one, Chloe has been built on a sense of practicality, and on answering the needs of the moment. Their feminine, fluid ethos was one of the first “pret-a-porter” (ready-to-wear) lines that captured haute couture fashion in a way that was accessible to everyone. Now, facing down the newest frontier in fashion — sustainability — they needed the right leadership to make it happen. Gabriela Hearst might very well be the perfect woman for the job.

In 2019, Hearst held the first-ever “carbon-neutral” fashion show — making a mark not only through her design prowess but her pioneering attitude toward clean luxury. In March 2021, she unveiled her first collection for Chloe, bringing back the Edith satchel (pictured: an Edith satchel from Phoebe Philo’s reign), and embodying Chloe’s quintessential feminine whimsy with a touch of Uruguayan influence — a new standard in eco-credentials.

Gucci Off The Grid Collection

Gucci took a big step last year with the launch of Off the Grid, their first sustainable collection. As the name might suggest, the brand traded traditional materials sourcing in favor of recycling, and organic and “bio-based” sustainably sourced textiles.

Admittedly, I’m most excited about the opportunities that will come when we can give these bags second and third lives — mindful textiles plus reselling equals the ultimate in environmental conscientiousness.

The ReBurberry Edit

Burberry isn’t far behind Gucci, with their new environmentally-conscious e-canvas textiles launched in Spring/Summer of 2020 (which, by the way, we’re just starting to get inventory from here).

Their new “Econyl” appears as creative as the designs themselves, citing sustainable materials like “nylon yarn made from regenerated fishing nets”, “industrial plastic” and “fabric scraps.” The waste-not-want-more mentality looks good on Burberry — I’m hopeful that this line is just the beginning of a completely new approach to fashion.

Hermes Reimagined

Hermes is famously known for its luxurious leathers, but with the rise in demand for more sustainability, the French house is breaking tradition – and in the best way. Their advanced technology makes it possible to manufacture luxurious materials in a lab using the roots of mushrooms to imitate the likeness of leather.

This incredible effort is scheduled to make its debut before we know it using the well-known iconic travel accessory – the Victoria bag (pictured here), as an example alongside Hermes’ more classic materials. We cannot wait to get our hands on one!

Prada’s Re-Nylon

Prada, too, is setting a higher bar for the way they do business, with concrete, actionable commitments including the use of 85% recycle and certified paper, 100% electricity from renewable resources on Italian soil, and compliance with their 37 LEED certifications.

Their latest Re-Nylon collection aims at reusable materials that offer a more sustainable solution. (A quick workaround: purchase any Prada Nylon collection preowned to “re-use” it yourself, without the need for recycled materials).

Stella McCartney

One thing particularly admirable about Stella McCartney — she is a woman of principle. By proxy, her brand is, too. While other brands are evolving into cleaner, more earth-friendly methods, she’s been spearheading the effort for years. In fact, she’s never used leather or fur in any of her collections, and never will.

This is a core value of her brand, best captured in her own words: “we need to live in harmony with planet earth. We need to live in harmony with our fellow creatures.” I love the idea of an approach to fashion that satisfies our love for well-made, creative pieces, and protects the world we live in.

Pre-loved pieces are always a more sustainable solution because they never require new production or new materials to bring you the bag you’ve been eyeing. Combined with these new sustainable lines, you’ve got yourself a match made in sustainable fashion heaven— just the kind of heaven on earth we’re all working to create.