Ultra-Luxury Clad: Selections for Your Dad

2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

Thierry Hermes, Guccio Gucci, Louis-Francois Cartier, Louis Vuitton; who were these men?


Well, for one, they were fashion designers, but that’s not what we’re going to focus on today.  No, these men all shared another role, one that transcends time, nationality, and occupation.  They were all fathers.  Whoever your dad is, however young or old he may be, he maintains that prestigious, costly, rewarding role of “father”. Few positions drive men to work as hard for as long with zero payment.  

This Father’s Day, we’ve compiled some of our top gift selections, from Top Gun to baseball.  Most of the items are from designers who were fathers themselves!  Take a peek; chances are, you’ll find something perfect for your father.


From Cartier

For our first pick, we’ve taken inspiration from a macho, patriotic mainstay of American media: Top Gun. For dads all around America, aviators evoke imaginary G-forces and F-18-fueled nostalgia.  Never fear; Cartier’s Panthere Aviator Sunglasses are here.  These beautiful, bold glasses sport golden panther heads peeking from the lenses and put the iconic aviator silhouette in a new light.  Their warm tones and gradient lenses bring the emotion of high-performance aviation to any situation, whether you’re in the ‘danger zone’ or not.  With Cartier, your dad can bring out his inner Tom Cruise in style.

product image of Cartier sunglasses FASHIONPHILE
From Louis Vuitton

Designed by the late Virgil Abloh (a father of two), these opulent glasses are loud and proud.  Their squared-off, oversized shape and single lens make the wearer the main character of their story, and they bring attention to the suspended flower monogram motif without stepping out of line.  Combining heroic personality with the heritage of Louis Vuitton design language, these glasses are for those dads that just always have a pair of sunnies on them.  Spice up your dad’s eyewear game with this forward-thinking pair.

product image of Louis Vuitton sunglasses FASHIONPHILE


From Gucci

What’s not to love about collabs? Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Cartier; all brands with luxury and heritage unlike any other.  This list brings an unexpected player into the arena: The North Face.  The iconic adventure brand has teamed up with Gucci to create a truly one-of-a-kind belt bag, one that is as classy as it is rugged.  This isn’t the bag for everyone; it’s constructed of nylon, with durable, efficient plastic buckles.  For many, The North Face is an average outdoors brand, but for some, its spirit of adventure can stack up to the pedigree of top luxury brands any day.  This is the bag for those dads.

product image of Gucci x North Face belt bag FASHIONPHILE
From Louis Vuitton

Dads are effortlessly cool.  Chunky, white tennis shoes, stylish in their simplicity; sturdy watches, weathered from years of use.  The Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Backpack walks this line perfectly.  Its shoulder-slung posture gives it a casual feel, but it hugs the body unexpectedly closely, creating an athletic, sporty look.  The wearer can run, jump, and be active with the bag, but can just as easily slip it off without having to unbuckle and squirm out of backpack straps.  The fact that it sits close to the body at a diagonal gives it a tactical, techwear-evocative feel, similar to the Dior saddlebag on this list.  This is the perfect bag for a dad to sling over his shoulder as if it’s nothing, and proceed to wear it like it’s everything.

product image of Louis Vuitton Damier graphite Sling backpack FASHIONPHILE
From Christian Dior

This Dior saddlebag takes the tactical, shoulder-slung stance of the Louis Vuitton Sling Backpack and goes all-in.  With an ergonomic saddlebag construction and an industrial quick-release buckle, this bag feels like a legitimate augmentation to one’s being.  No effortlessness here; this bag really tries hard, and it pays off.  Its auxiliary pocket feels very utilitarian, and its simple rectangular shape creates effective contrast with the very formed nature of the main bag.  If your dad ever needs to go straight from dinner to saving the world, this is the bag to do it with.

product image of Christian Dior saddle bag FASHIONPHILE


From Hermes

It’s an Hermes hat. That alone is pretty neat.  What’s even neater is that it has a double-layered bill, iconic Hermes hardware, and 100% cotton construction.  This fresh, luxurious take on the classic baseball cap stays low-key when it needs to, but is intriguing and eye-catching in its build and design.  The abnormally flat front panel lends the cap a structured, trucker-influenced look, and the precision of the layered bill piques the interest in a powerful way.  Two subtle H motifs complete the cap with branding that is intentional but calm, allowing the cap to be worn for its function and simplicity without a prominent focus on status.

product image of Hermes baseball hat FASHIONPHILE
From Gucci

Designer brands are always venturing into new territory, and Gucci is no exception.  This classic LA Dodgers baseball cap has been given the Gucci makeover, with the team’s logo sitting on a field of the classic GG monogram print.  The cap is visually busy,  but the hat’s dual identities play nicely with each other; one large, bold LA logo drives home the baseball part efficiently, and the subtle, repeated dual Gs are a constant reminder of the hat’s luxury.  One would think that a loudly-branded baseball cap and the pinnacle of luxury wouldn’t mesh well.  This piece proves otherwise in an unapologetic fashion. 

product image of Gucci x MLB baseball hat FASHIONPHILE


From Goyard

Luxury can extend to even the simplest accessories.  To be tasteful and decadent, an accessory doesn’t need to be involved or flashy; it can be simple, small, and functional.  This Goyard Card Holder is the epitome of this philosophy.  Goyard’s classic chevron canvas makes this card holder an instantly recognizable accessory, and the embossed GOYARD mark ties it all together.  If your dad is looking to streamline his wallet game in the most luxurious way possible, help him do it in style and luxury with Goyard. 

product image of Goyard card holder FASHIONPHILE
From Louis Vuitton

This toilet pouch is one for the cool dad, the dad whose luxury game is discretely powerful without needing bright colors or loudly designed pieces.  Its simple shape and black coloring makes it possible to miss this pouch’s true nature at first glance.  It lacks the instantly-recognizable Vachetta leathers of many Louis Vuitton pieces, and opts for a slick, brooding appearance instead.  This pouch is functional, suave, and stealthy; if that describes your dad, then it’s the perfect accessory for him. 

product image of Louis Vuitton monogram eclipse toilety pouch FASHIONPHILE
From Gucci

Nothing in the designer realm is more recognizable than the double-G belt buckle.  Fastening a tastefully traditional black belt, the buckle on this piece is the loudest element, making it pop in a unique way.  Even from a distance, the two Gs catch the eye and communicate the Gucci brand spirit, but beyond that, the belt doesn’t try too hard to push the envelope.  The buckle’s gilded appearance isn’t overly flashy, either.  Instead, it aims for a more neutral, weathered finish, evoking emotion that only a true heirloom can.  For the dad that values tradition, heritage, and luxury, this is an absolute essential. 

product image of men's Gucci belt FASHIONPHILE


From Rolex

Every watch-lover’s holy grail, Rolex stands unparalleled in its monolithic nature as a brand.  A Rolex is the epitome of no compromises.  Every timepiece is optimized for real-world performance, whether in aviation or auto racing, and Rolex uses this high-performance focus as a way to augment their product’s ultra-luxury nature.  Using everything from durable, versatile rubber to opulent emeralds, there’s a Rolex for every dad, whether he’s a deep-sea scuba diver or simply looking for a solid everyday watch.  Take a look through our selection from the king of luxury watchmakers; chances are, there’s a perfect fit for whoever your dad is.  Make him feel like the king he is by putting a crown on his wrist.

product image of Rolex watch with green dial FASHIONPHILE
From Omega

Some refer to the Omega Speedmaster as “entry-level”.  While this may be partially true, it fails to communicate this luxury masterpiece’s true nature.  Omega is, after all, the watch that Bond wears, and the Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon.  That’s pretty big-time.  Originally designed for automobile racing, the Speedmaster features proprietary hallmarks of a racing watch that make it a powerful tool on the circuit and off.  Whether your Speedmaster is a sturdy stainless steel racing tool or a crocodile-and-diamond luxury piece of art, it is an Omega all the same.  No matter who your dad is, there’s a Speedmaster for him.

product image of Omega Speedmaster FASHIONPHILE

Whoever the father in your life is, their influence is undoubtedly far more valuable than any luxury item; you can’t put a price on fatherhood.  However, with the heritage and quality of these pieces, you can at least make a statement of your appreciation for your father figure.  This Father’s Day, get them something that lives up to who they are, and show them why. Shop all Father’s Day gifts now! 

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