Why Pre-Owned Luxury is the Perfect Purchase

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Why Pre-Owned Luxury is the Perfect Purchase


In a world where walking into a Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave has become a fond but distant memory, I think many of us have been led to reassess our spending habits. Never much for practicality myself, I see some legitimate reasons that I don’t mind (and might even prefer) pre-owned luxury options. It is a solid investment after all.


1. New isn’t necessarily better — especially lately

Supplies, distribution, and staff are all scarcer for luxury brands these days, which means some of the best quality items may be fewer and farther between. For the same reason quality may have suffered, the cost has, too. Nearly every luxury brand has raised its prices — whether it’s by 2% or 15%, depends on the fashion house. Bottom line: pre-owned just keeps looking better and better.


2. Shopping is now mostly online these days anyway

Let’s be honest: a big part of what we’re paying for when we buy a new bag is the thrill of a luxury shopping experience — which by and large doesn’t exist in the lockdown lifestyle we’ve been rocking in recent memory. If you’re going to skip the store altogether, maybe skip the mark-up, too. (New year, new me).


3. Snag a model you weren’t ready to buy when it first came out

Easily one of my favorite reasons to buy pre-owned — and I think it’s happened to all of us. Your wallet hasn’t quite caught up with your dreams, and you have to sit out a season or two of Chanel. When the time is right, you can go back and get the bag you’ve been pining for, it’ll be here waiting, right where you didn’t know you left it.


4. A lot of pre-owned items are basically new

While there’s a range of ratings a pre-owned piece can have, many are in “like new”, “excellent” or even “giftable” condition, meaning there is minimal visible wear and tear and it may even come with the original tag. Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for people to sell a bag that’s been gifted to them in favor of purchasing one they’d prefer. (Oh, that Gucci Rajah Maxi Tote is a bit much for you? No problem babe, I can take it off your hands).


5. Some items are literally new

Yes, literally! Pre-owned means just that — someone else possessed it between the time that it was at the fashion house and at FASHIONPHILE. It doesn’t necessarily mean they used it, and in fact, that happens more often than you might think. (That or, maybe it attended one cocktail party? I think I can live with that). Check out our “new” New Arrivals.


6. It’s an environmentally conscious thing to do

Giving an existing piece a new life, story, and home is a simple but legitimately beautiful way to support the planet — especially if you’re into exotic skins. And you know what? If anyone wants to tell me that luxury shopping leads to good karma, well — I’m inclined to believe them.