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Vintage Shopping Made Easy

Jessica Dee
Contributing Writer.
Bag-Obsessed on a budget.

“Vintage Shopping Made Easy”

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of unearthing an exquisite piece of designer vintage: the thrill of the hunt, the rush of the find, the excitement of toting around a new-to-you bag and casually saying, “Oh, this? It’s vintage Chanel.” On the flip side, vintage shopping isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s always the chance, especially if you live in a large city, that the thrift store selection will be totally picked-over. Or worse, the chance that the 1970’s vintage Gucci belt you can’t wait to wear is actually a fake, since most vintage shops don’t authenticate. And, of course, the chance that you’ll flick through dusty, jam-packed racks for hours and leave empty handed. They’re called hidden gems for a reason, right? If you love vintage but aren’t exactly the thrift store type, you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up the best designer vintage bags and accessories on FASHIONPHILE, so you can get all of the rush with none of the racks.



Your Briefcase could use an upgrade?


A vintage Louis Vuitton tote for under $500? The find of a lifetime.



What’s better than Hermes? Vintage Hermes!



An heirloom piece that’s already stood the test of time. Vintage Chanel.



Timeless vintage Jewels.



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