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Shop Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Accessories Ever

Jessica Dee
Contributing Writer.
Bag-Obsessed on a budget.

“Shop Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Accessories Ever”

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, though fictional and off-duty for nearly a decade now, is still one of fashion’s most enduring icons. Whether you relate to her eclectic mix of high-fashion and vintage, her unapologetic love of shoes, or her preference for Vogue over groceries, there’s no denying that Carrie was (and is!) the ultimate style inspiration for an entire generation. That’s why we rounded up eight of her best accessories ever, all shoppable on FASHIONPHILE.


1. The Blue Birkin


While Carrie’s Juicy Couture tube dress may not have stood the test of time, her royal blue Birkin sure did! Get the look with our Hermes Epsom Birkin 35 in Mykonos ($11,500).

Fun Fact: They used the size of the Birkin to hide SJP’s baby bump in the scene!



2. The Hermes Belt


Carrie was always good for a menswear moment (like her signature tighty whities and the ribbed cotton tank she wore in SATC’s opening credits), but her white button down cinched with a brown Hermes belt was her best menswear move by far. We love how she gave the oversize shirt some shape with a classic Hermes belt. The Hermes Swift Epsom 24mm H belt 75 Noir Black Gold ($695) from FASHIONPHILE is an exact match.



3. The Single Strand of Pearls


Of course, Carrie knew exactly how to style a single strand of pearls without veering into vintage territory: with a hot pink shift dress and a rockstar-worthy studded belt. This Chanel Graduated Pearl CC Long Necklace Light Gold ($995) in an heirloom piece that will always be in style, no matter how you wear it.



4. The Gucci Belt Bag


Gucci belt bags are officially back, and we have Carrie Bradshaw to thank for the original style inspiration. Grab your own Gucci Monogram Belt Bag in Dark Brown ($625).


5. Dior Saddle Bag (& Floral Brooch) 


Carrie put the Dior Saddle Bag on the map, wearing multiple iterations. In this scene in season 3 of SATC, she goes on her first date with Aiden (the one where she stops smoking). The year is 2000 and this silk Dior Saddle Bag cements its place in history. Almost 20 years later, the Saddle Bag is still having a major moment. Get the look: CHRISTIAN DIOR Silk Paisley Saddle Bag Multicolor ($1,495).

Bonus: Carrie loved an over-the-top brooch, and we do, too. Follow her lead and pair the Camellia Brooch from Chanel ($585) with a neutral top to let it shine.



6. The Silk Scarf


Sex and the City’s costume designer, Patricia Field, was always thinking of new ways for Carrie to wear her silk Hermes scarf: as a “do rag,” as a headband, and even as an armband! Experiment with Hermes Silk Scarfs to find your signature look.


7. The Slouchy Clutch


There are some moments when it’s hard to tell where Carrie Bradshaw’s style ends and Sarah Jessica Parker’s begins. Case in point: the Gucci Python Large Hysteria Clutch in Red ($425). Its slouchy shape and red python skin make it the perfect, fashion-forward day-to-night bag, loved by the character and the actress alike.



8. The Fendi Obsession


Carrie never met a Fendi bag she didn’t like. While she gravitated towards trendy bags–shiny patent leather, an of-the-moment Baguette, lots of pink sequins–we’re partial to more timeless designs, like the Zucca Shoulder Bag in Tobacco ($595) and the Nappa Spy ($525).



The biggest style lesson we learned from Carrie, though? That personal style should be just that–personal. So tell us, how will you wear these iconic Sex and the City accessories?



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