Regifting Redefined: Luxury Resale for the Holidays

Regifting Redefined: Luxury Resale for the Holidays


Regifting may not have the best reputation, however, the new version of regifting isn’t the same as taking a gift you received to immediately give it to someone else. The new regifting means giving gifts that belonged to someone else- also known as shopping resale. You can bring plenty of joy to your friends and family this holiday season with a bag full of luxury resale items. In fact, according to Bloomberg, more than 50% of Americans are open to the possibility of receiving pre-owned gifts this holiday season!

Yes, regifting is in vogue- or at least shopping for pre-owned goods is officially in fashion.

There are so many benefits to shopping resale including finding unique gifts, hunting down rare items, gifting designers your loved ones adore but can’t necessarily afford, gifting items someone loves but didn’t catch while they were still available in retail stores and a big one – shopping sustainably. Choose from handbags from your favorite designers like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta or accessories running the gamut from key pouches (amazing stocking stuffers) to designer watches and jewelry. Of course, you can always present them with a FASHIONPHILE gift card so they can choose their own goodies instead.

Resale shopping is no longer taboo, but if you prefer to shop pre-owned items for yourself and gift new items to others, you can still do it through FASHIONPHILE. Take a look at our new product condition filter, Giftable. This filter shows you all of our luxury handbags and accessories that will either be sold with their original cases/packaging or with their retail tags still attached.


Happy holiday shopping!