Personal Shoppers: 3 Revelations

Lovers of all things personal shopping, we need to talk about a few revelations I had the other day.


The first revelation is strictly from a high fashion point of view: Chanel’s notorious price increases.

Nothing is more heart-rending than recognizing the longer I wait to purchase a Chanel handbag, the more l may have to pay in retail. Let that register for just a second.

In the event that you may be unwary of the phenomena, the top Chanel pieces of the moment (or, more like the last century) continuously score a bump in retail price. And to no surprise, the resale value for many Chanel items has nearly doubled in the last decade! I am quite certain we can agree that buying a Chanel handbag now is one of the wisest ultra-luxury investments.

Since Chanel’s yearly retail increases undoubtedly mean more value behind the name, it also implies higher market demand across the board. And ironically enough – from a psychological standpoint – sometimes we just can’t help but want something, even more, when it feels like we can’t have it, right?

So that brings me to my next (and sort of obvious) revelation: Reserve Luxury Layaway

I want to invest in a Chanel item, but in all honesty, I’m on a “Chanel budget.” That leaves me with exploring pre-owned options. For a while, I’ve been eyeing the Chanel Quilted Jumbo Double Flap bags – she is a total gem.

But personally, for my first Chanel investment, I want something a little different. Ideally, I’m looking for a Chanel style that resembles the Quilted Jumbo Double Flap, that also works with my eclectic modern lifestyle, and meets my somewhat *slim* budget – oh hello, FASHIONPHILE Reserve Luxury Layaway.

Now to my third (and most profound) revelation: Personal Shoppers

Yes, FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers. Since I, sadly, can’t have Karl Lagerfeld step in and share his expertise, they’re the next best thing. And here’s why.

Due to my indecisiveness about my first Chanel investment, FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers offered some much-needed fashion counsel. After spilling everything about my non-negotiables, my Personal Shopper recommended the Chanel 19.

Want to know what I learned?

The Chanel 19 is not only a hot staple right now. But I learned that the average resale price points are slightly lower, depending on condition (and sometimes as well as color and textile), compared to the resale value for most Quilted Jumbo Double Flap bags. So that means more affordability, from a customer standpoint.

The Chanel 19 also makes a worthy investment, as many have completely sold out, so down the road, it will be beneficial to own something that is high in demand!

Side note: if you’re looking to make some additional income, check out our ultimate reseller’s list for designer handbags and accessories possibly worth more than what you originally paid for!


And the bag I chose is…

After a successful personal shopping experience, I decided to secure my first Chanel investment on the Chanel Calfskin Crochet Medium 19 Flap in White and Black. I went with the calfskin textile because it adds an extra element of luxury and wears well over time. Additionally, I chose the color white as it really enhances the different hardware tones featured in this particular style.

I am so thrilled about my purchase, and can’t stop obsessing over the crochet detail. Put simply, these three revelations have helped me make one of my best purchase decisions this year – and it can help you, too!

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers and start shopping today.
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