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Have You Heard? We’ve Got the Goods

Have You Heard? We’ve Got the Goods

Neighborhood Goods

Have you heard?

Our Neighborhood Goods partnership, with locations in Chelsea MarketLegacy West, and South Congress, is cultivating a more sustainable future. By empowering resale, together we’re reducing fashion’s impact by saving one handbag at a time. We bring the products and services, and Neighborhood Goods makes the in-person shopping experience an unforgettable one. We’re a dynamic duo, you could say. Any opportunity that comes our way to help save our planet while extending the life cycle of ultra-luxury, we’re going to take it.

To learn more, we sat down with Sarah Cheffy, our Sr. Director of Brand Strategy to hear about the positive impact that this unique partnership brings, and Stephanie Gonzalez, our Retail Merchandiser, and Pricing Specialist, about the coveted collection of luxury brands you can find at these locations!

headshot image of Sarah Cheffy our Sr. Director of Brand Strategy FASHIONPHILE
Sarah Cheffy
With an assortment of pop-up opportunities out there, why Neighborhood Goods? 

We had been approached several times over the years by retailers with similar pop-up opportunities, but they never felt like the right fit. In Neighborhood Goods, we found a partner with strong brand storytelling and retail fundamentals, beautiful brick-and-mortar spaces, as well as solid customer overlap and brand adjacencies.

Neighborhood Goods’ locations are curated to inspire discovery, which is exactly the kind of atmosphere we look for given the unique nature of what we sell. Pre-owned products are one-of-a-kind – each with their own provenance and characteristics – so rather than the hunter-gatherer approach that so many retailers take, we looked for a partner who was already giving their customers good reasons to spend time and explore.

What is the shopping experience like at each location? Are they all the same/ different? 

Our spaces across all three locations are quintessentially FASHIONPHILE – you’ll find our brand signature approach to merchandising the most coveted of ultra-luxury accessories in every square inch of our pop-ups; each item a hero in its own holy grail narrative.

But what makes each store singular is our data-driven approach to curating our assortment. We’re more than accessories-obsessed – we’re data-obsessed, too, which enables us to give our customers in each location exactly what they’re craving. Twenty-plus years in ultra-luxury resale means we have the data and insight into the unique preferences, trends, and stylistic nuances of each market, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Neighborhood Goods and FASHIONPHILE
Neighborhood Goods x FASHIONPHILE at South Congress
Tell us about FASHIONPHILE’s mission for a more sustainable future and how this partnership is just one piece of the puzzle.

If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d have the opportunity to combine my love for ultra-luxury with what’s good for the planet, good for the customer, AND good for business, I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s what FASHIONPHILE was founded to create. We’re a mission-driven company that exists to increase access to more sustainable fashion choices. But we’re also a digital-first company, so much of that access has historically been online. With Neighborhood Goods, we’re continuing to trailblaze how used and new coexist in physical retail. Today’s luxury shopper is conscientiously investing in both the primary and secondary markets already – this isn’t about normalizing that purchase behavior – but it is very much about us showing up where the luxury customer is today with an extraordinary assortment that plays to the physicality of pre-owned.

headshot of Stephanie Gonzalez Retail Merchandiser, and Pricing Specialist at FASHIONPHILE
Stephanie Gonzalez
Tell us about the items and brands our shoppers can find at these Neighborhood Goods locations.

We have items on a more narrow price point so it’s a bit more accessible – price points between $400-$3500. We can find Saint LaurentPradaLouis VuittonChanelBottega VenetaChloeGucciHermes (mostly small leather goods due to the high price point), BalenciagaCelineFendi, and Christian Dior.

Are there any rare/hard-to-find items, vintage/ limited edition, top-sellers, etc? 

You can find sold-out styles, vintage, styles that are no longer available or discontinued, and limited edition pieces.

As a resale and merchandise expert, what is your favorite piece and why?

I am obsessed with the Chanel Caviar Filigree Small Vanity Case and the Saint Laurent Crinkled Calfskin Monogram Medium Niki Chain Satchel. Both of these styles retain their resale value and are super trendy and both are the perfect size for either running errands or lunch with friends!


What have people bought the most of? (aka what pieces did you have to replenish the most?)

The Saint Laurent Niki Chain WalletGucci Calfskin Mini GG Marmont Chain CrossbodyPrada totesLouis Vuitton WalletsChanel cardholders, and Balenciaga pouches.


Do you know how many bags have found new homes since the start of this partnership?

The estimated amount is around 1500 upon writing this based on our sales report!

Making ultra-luxury accessible and a sustainable way to shop is what makes FASHIONPHILE the premier destination for buying and selling the most coveted pieces. Read on to discover what makes FASHIONPHILE sustainable in our study with Kantar. And if you’re looking to invest in Earth-friendly fashion, this post is for you!