How to Style Your Scarves for Winter

How to Style Your Scarves for Winter


When temperatures dip low enough to break out the scarves, focus on sumptuous fabrics for winter. Look to breathable, comfortable and warm cashmere scarf styles and scarves of winning combinations like wool blended with silk. Get to know the scarf-styling trends of the season…

Hygge on the Go

Wear the largest scarves you can find, or shop specifically for blanket-hybrid styles to create your own cozy, sophisticated cocoons on the go. Obliterate winter woes and exude bold confidence in a single stylish move. Don’t you love when function and form unite?

Pictured: CHANEL Cashmere Silk CC Scarf Beige

chanel designer scarf FASHIONPHILE

The Easy Shawl

When the winds aren’t raging, you may prefer an easier style. Wear a silk shawl or create the look on your own, draping a favorite cashmere scarf around your shoulders accordingly.

Pictured: BURBERRY Cashmere Fluorescent Vintage Check Bandana Scarf Bright Lemon

burberry designer scarf FASHIONPHILE

Reign It In

Winter dressing when it’s freezing doesn’t need to leave you lost beneath a mountain of layers. Wear a warm blanket scarf beneath your coat and gird it at the waist with a belt. It will accentuate your figure while allowing you to wear your coat open on even some of the coldest days. And, for milder temps, use the same trick with a silk or cashmere stole.

Pictured: BURBERRY Cashmere Wool Mega Check Cape Scarf & GUCCI Calfskin Double G Belt Black

Watch this video for more ways to wear your scarves! What is your favorite way to style yours? Let us know below in the comments!