FASHIONPHILE has partnered with Fashion Scholarship Fund to launch the FASHIONPHILE x FSF Scholarship.


Our first FASHIONPHILE x FSF scholarship awards Ella Vap, an undergraduate student from Tulane University, who has successfully competed in the competition, demonstrating an utmost passion for sustainable fashion and advancing equality and inclusion in many ways. Her background, rigorous case study submission, and future goals align with this scholarship, which aims to promote a diverse and equitable workforce in the fashion industry and help those succeed who want to make a positive difference in the industry. Ella’s innate passion clearly stems from her younger years and her self-discovery journey. Let’s get to know a little more about Ella Vap. 

Who is Ella Vap?

Ella Vap is an ambitious Kentucky native pursuing a dual degree in marketing and economics while at the same time working on her Spanish proficiency. Throughout her student life at Tulane, she has been involved in many clubs, including Consult Your Community and the Fashion Club. Her interest in fashion as a young girl really shaped her identity and who she is today. 

Ella Vap

“Ever since I can remember, I have loved clothes. I’ve loved looking at them, picking them out, and wearing them. I love how closely linked fashion and identity can be.” 

Growing up, Ella acknowledges that the pressures of society and the effects of sexism in her life compelled her to internalize male-dominated perspectives, resulting in her breaking ties with her daydreams, all in the name of practicality. But, throughout her college journey, she figured out the balance. 

“Now, I am more secure in who I am. I can love technology, sustainability, and clothing all at the same time.”

Ella’s passion for fashion and business technology has led her to submit a case study in hopes of being awarded the FASHIONPHILE x FSF scholarship. Spoiler alert: she nailed it. 

Ella’s Case Study

Ella believes fashion and business need each other to survive, and through the revelations of this case study, she is ecstatic to play a role in both industries’ futures.

“This intersection is where I believe I can create value,” declares Ella. 

Her business strategy case study for Patagonia takes a closer look at the challenges fashion faces through apparel supply chain transparency. She studies the strengths and weaknesses of the brand’s digital transformation project. She proposes a solution that includes a customer impact assessment and an investment timeline measuring risk and reward – all aimed at building the supply chain on blockchain technology. This is in an effort to display each garment’s individual journey better, resulting in a new era of interest in sustainability and connection to the earth. She proposes that personalization is key to building a unique experience for each consumer. Her evidence proves the powerful response consumers have toward fashion brands creating personalized experiences with the help of technology. Learn more about her case, here.

Ella’s commitment to the fashion industry and business technology, clearly demonstrated through her childhood experiences and case study, will inevitably lead her to accomplish great things.  

Ella’s Future Goals

As the well-deserved recipient of the FASHIONPHILE x FSF scholarship, Ella Vap hopes to continue to immerse herself in a space with like-minded individuals who love fashion. The scholarship’s financial benefits will certainly validate the hard work Ella has committed to while attending Tulane University, a private institution. 

“After graduation, I plan to work at a consulting firm in New York City, and I am confident fashion will continue to play a role in my life.” 

Ella Vap successfully competed in the FASHIONPHILE x FSF scholarship, which requires students to have a minimum GPA of 3.20 and complete a challenging case study, which Ella achieved with flying colors. FASHIONPHILE is proud to award Ella Vap and is excited to see where her passions will take her. Her background, rigorous case study submission, and future goals will surely make a positive difference in the world. 

Connect with Ella Vap on LinkedIn and support her design page @ ellavapstudio featuring her original sewn pieces. The Fashion Scholarship Fund is the foremost fashion-oriented education and workforce development nonprofit organization in the U.S. For the next three years,  FASHIONPHILE has committed to the FASHIONPHILE x FSF scholarship to help students succeed in all fashion industry sectors, including design, merchandising, marketing analytics, and business strategy.