Envy-Worthy Accessories for Your (Virtual) New Year’s Eve

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Envy-Worthy Accessories For Your (Virtual) New Year’s Eve


It’s finally here. The end of 2020. I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready to wish it a prompt “au revoir”, “auf wiedersehen”, and maybe a “don’t let the door smack you on the way out” for good measure.

And while the only way to really do that is with a virtual celebration, there’s no reason to let that dim your shine. If anything, I see it as an invitation to get willfully creative. Enter: a plethora of ultra-luxury, shoulders-up accessories.

Without further ado, my favorite pre-owned finds for making your virtual New Year’s Eve one for the books (and an insta-story or two.)

Silk Gucci Headbands

I just feel like a silk Gucci headband embodies everything I wanted 2020 to be, and am convinced 2021 will be, tied up in silk with a little knot on top.

product image of gucci floral headband FASHIONPHILE

Louis Vuitton “Game On” Bandeau

First of all, the LV monogram on black in printed color really is…everything. Second of all, I feel like the name of this ultra-fresh bandeau says it all. Game on, 2021.

product image of Louis vuitton Game On bandeau FASHIONPHILE

Chanel Hair Clip

Perfect now, perfect always. Not to mention, a classic Chanel hair clip will really catch the light against that Snapchat filter.

product image of Chanel hair clip bow FASHIONPHILE

Hermes Men’s Tie

Because boys deserve nice things, too. I love how understated, yet fresh an Hermes tie is. Speaking of things that will last for-ev-er.

product image of hermes pink neck tie FASHIONPHILE

Celine Sunglasses

Ok, in fairness… Celine sunnies will probably be more useful the morning after. Unless you’re doing a costume party, which come to think of it, actually sounds like a pretty stellar idea.

product image of celine sunglasses FASHIONPHILE
Of course, these are just my first-grab favs — there’s a literal menagerie of ultra-luxury accessories you can dive into to find the piece that will really make the party. Happy shopping, happy partying, and make sure to tag @fashionphile in all those wild virtual posts!