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Envy-Worthy Accessories For Your (Virtual) New Year’s Eve

Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer.
Connoisseur of curated luxury.

“Envy-Worthy Accessories For Your (Virtual) New Year’s Eve”

It’s finally here. The end of 2020. I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready to wish it a prompt “au revoir”, “auf wiedersehen”, and maybe a “don’t let the door smack you on the way out” for good measure. 


And while the only way to really do that is with a virtual celebration, there’s no reason to let that dim your shine. If anything, I see it as an invitation to get willfully creative. Enter: a plethora of ultra-luxury, shoulders-up accessories.


Without further ado, my favorite pre-owned finds for making your virtual New Year’s Eve one for the books (and an insta-story or two.)

Silk Gucci Headbands

I just feel like a silk Gucci headband embodies everything I wanted 2020 to be, and am convinced 2021 will be, tied up in silk with a little knot on top. 

Louis Vuitton “Game On” Bandeau

First of all, the LV monogram on black in printed color really is…everything. Second of all, I feel like the name of this ultra-fresh bandeau says it all. Game on, 2021.

Chanel Hair Clip

Perfect now, perfect always. Not to mention, a classic Chanel hair clip will really catch the light against that Snapchat filter.

Hermes Men’s Tie

Because boys deserve nice things, too. I love how understated, yet fresh an Hermes tie is. Speaking of things that will last for-ev-er.

Celine Sunglasses

Ok, in fairness… Celine sunnies will probably be more useful the morning after. Unless you’re doing a costume party, which come to think of it, actually sounds like a pretty stellar idea.

Of course, these are just my first-grab favs — there’s a literal menagerie of ultra-luxury accessories you can dive into to find the piece that will really make the party. 
Happy shopping, happy partying, and make sure to tag @fashionphile in all those wild virtual posts! 

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