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Chanel, White or Black Boxes?

Lauren Leger
Digital Marketing Program Manager

“Chanel, White or Black Boxes?”

At FASHIONPHILE headquarters we get asked all the time, “why did my Chanel come in a white box? Aren’t all Chanel boxes black?” In fact, Chanel boxes come in both white and black, and the white boxes are more exclusive than you’d think.


Chanel only offers the white boxes (accompanied with white shopping bags) at their iconic 31 rue Cambon, Paris flagship store. The exclusive white packaging makes the location distinct from all other Chanel boutiques, and pays homage to its rich history.


Coco Chanel purchased the entire building at 31 rue Cambon in 1918, and used the building not only to build her brand and present her collections but also had her personal apartment upstairs. Tucked above the boutique and the second story couture salon is Chanel’s own stylish home, adorned with Chanel style signatures like camellia motifs and shiny black surfaces. Today the history of the building, and the exclusive white packaging, draws Chanel aficionados from around the world.


If your FASHIONPHILE pre-loved Chanel comes to you in a white Chanel box, you’ll know it is extra special from 31 rue Cambon, Paris.

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