How FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers Can Help You Find Your Holy Grail

model in FASHIONPHILE's New York City Authentication Center and Showroom Shopping luxury designer bags

Our free Personal Shopping service puts the person in “personal.” Here’s how you can benefit!


As useful as technology can be, sometimes we need an actual human being to give a helping hand while tackling our online shopping to-do list – yes, even holiday shopping. Our free Personal Shopper service can help answer your questions about any items you’re interested in. FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers can also help you select the best item at your price point, and they can help you find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list. 

The world of ultra-luxury is massive; it’s inevitable that you’ll have questions. FASHIONPHILE personal shoppers have hands-on access to our entire inventory and are ready to assist with any questions you have, no matter how specific.

FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers Can Help Review Items

There are so many ways FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers can help make your shopping experience as customized and as enjoyable as possible. First thing, they can review and help answer questions you have about items you’re eyeing. Here are some ways they can help:


They can review everything. The item’s hardware, checking for little details like whether there are stickers still intact, or if that scratch is really as obvious as the photos make it appear to be. There are so many scenarios. Any detail you have a question about, FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers are more than happy to address. 


Personal Shoppers can pull any items you may be considering. Bonus: they can send you on-figure images to better show you an item’s proportions on an actual human being instead of relying on just a mannequin photo. They can also review any of the “comes with” items such as the dust bag, case, box, paperwork and confirm date codes or if retail tags are still intact. 

image of fashionphile personal shopper taking selfie with designer bag in the cage
Sydney Koslowski, FASHIONPHILE Personal Shopper


Personnel Shoppers can review an item’s overall condition, ultimately being your eyes and nose from afar. They can smell an item to check for any obvious odors (we get it). They can pull multiple options of the same style in the same condition at various price points and compare them for you. They can pull the same item in a range of conditions and share what they see to help you make the best decision. At the end of the day, we want you to feel confident about the items that you buy from FASHIONPHILE.

Watch this video on  4 ways FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers can help you!


Not only can FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers review and help answer any specific questions you may have, but they can also help you select the best items within your budget.

Select Items Within Your Budget with FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers

You may want to buy something that falls within a certain price point and may not be sure where to start. That’s okay. It happens more often than you think. Personal Shoppers can help select the best item for you at your price point.

As experts in ultra-luxury, our Personal Shoppers can guide you to find products that fit your interests and lifestyle. How so? They know what is currently available in our inventory, and they also understand market demands which means they can suggest some of the best investments that are top-sellers at FASHIONPHILE. On top of that, Personal Shoppers are well versed in one-of-a-kind deals. They know the specials that are going on currently on the site, ensuring that you are able to take advantage of the best discounts that are happening. 

Not only can FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers help answer your questions and fill you in on the latest so you can shop with ease, but they can also help you look for the perfect gift – not just for yourself, but for anyone on your list! 

Shop for Gifts with FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers, Anywhere

With us you can shop for anyone on your list anywhereFASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers are available both in Carlsbad and New York. If you’re curious about where an item is located, be sure to review an item’s location details under the DETAILS section. If you need some inspiration, Personal Shoppers can pull and suggest giftable pieces from all categories and price points. As you tackle your shopping to-do list, just know that FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers are there.

studio image of pink designer bags FASHIONPHILE
SAINT LAURENT Smooth Calfskin Le 5 A 7 Hobo Bubblegum
GUCCI Calfskin Mini Jackie 1961 Hobo Light Pink
CELINE Shiny Calfskin Triomphe Shoulder Bag Pink

The beauty of online shopping is convenience and accessibility. But sometimes we still need a real person to help us. FASHIONPHILE Personal Shoppers can review the items you’re interested in and answer any questions that you have. Or if you’re looking for a little inspiration, Personal Shoppers can help you find those hidden gems at your desired price point. Whatever your needs may be, you can take advantage of Personal Shoppers at both our Carlsbad and New York locations. This gives you access to all of our inventory, making this free service extremely useful when shopping for anyone on your list.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or holiday shopping, FASHIONPHILE’s personal shoppers are a great resource available to you. Jumpstart your shopping with our ultra-luxury holiday gift guide created for every style, budget and person in your life.