Back to Work Style: Pieces We Can’t Wait to Flaunt

Sac de jour tote

Back to the office — the thought of it is like “back to school” but way more stylish.


Partly because you have the salary to support it, but also because you’re a wiser, more refined version of yourself. So in the spirit of fresh starts, we’ve compiled our favorite “back to work” pieces that could take you straight from your home office to, well, an actual office. And even if that moment hasn’t come for you just yet, it’s undoubtedly imminent. Plus, it can never hurt to make a “following” list, right?

Summer-y raffia bags

Back to the office also means… OOO (out of office)! Bring out those seasonal favorites. These raffia Chanel Vanity Cases have stolen so many hearts, and have given many the renewed hope for an absolutely fantastic (and possibly PTO vacation-filled) summer.

From shoes to hats, and handbags, Gucci’s raffia selection is equally sweet. Then you have the selection of Loewe raffia bags, which feel like seasonal classics for being something you could carry not only while you’re on vacation, but also bring back to the office. Read more on why raffia is the textile for summer.

Loewe Raffia bag

Fresh, bold hues

After a year holed up inside, even those of us who might usually opt for neutral tones, are more likely to say yes to something bolder. Luckily for us, there are a plethora of color options that feel perfect for a back-to-the-office debut. The Hermes Kelly Ado, for instance – has office chic written all over it. Or a Christian Dior Book Tote in any one of these distinctive patterns. The Bottega Venetta Nappa Intrecciato Mini BV Jodie— also high on the list.

Hermes Kelly Backpack

Another “everything” bag

Maybe you’ve been carrying an LV Neverfull for years, and this feels like a moment to try something new. Or just something LV in a fresh new look — By The Pool, anyone? If you’re looking to branch out, you could start with a bright MCM shopper bag, or go luxe with a Fendi Shopping tote. The Sac de Jour tote also makes a perfect corporate desk companion.

If you got a little too used to romping around in athleisure 24/7 (or aren’t back in the office yet and just need something for the grocery store), the abundant nylon options right now might be the perfect touch. Prada does this well, whether you like classic colors or something more outlandish.

MCM Reversible Shopper Tote

Finishing Touches

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’ve missed most about ‘normal life’ (if such a thing ever existed) are the “finishing touches” that make any outfit complete.

Whether it’s a classic Gucci silk flora scarf, a delicate Cartier pendant, or even an adorable Chanel brooch — there’s a whole array of gorgeous accessories to wear that add the perfect touch of chic to any outfit. We know they’re essential to elevating your zoom call look. But surely they look good in person, too!

Chanel Brooch

No matter what, take a fresh look at your closet.

What can stay, and what should go? The best reason to sell is to shop. If you are looking for more room in your closet for something new, get a quick quote to sell when you’re no longer reaching for here or schedule a Virtual Appointment here. Oh, and make sure to create an account if you don’t have one, so you can start building a following list (and getting alerts on discounts) asap.


Ready to flaunt the new you? Irresistible style starts with a little dose of luxury. Visit FASHIONPHILE today. Happy shopping!
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